Peak Performance,
without burnout

Creating sustainable success.

Dr. Christine Thiel - Leadership Coaching - Mindful Business


I help ambitious high achievers
manage their energy, build a resilient mindset,
and create sustainable success.


I offer individual coachings and workshops for institutions.


Finding the clarity, confidence and creativity to craft and create your unique research project with excellence.


Making decisions with clarity, taking the business forward and creating both success and a healthy work-life balance.


Managing stress, communicating with clarity and building resilience on a personal and professional level.


"Less stress, more structure"

Join my six-months transformative online course that takes you from feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted to pursuing your goals with clarity, confidence and creativity.

Dr. Christine Thiel - Leadership Coaching - Mindful Business


I am Christine Thiel and I help ambitious high achievers to let go of stress, overwhelm and build a resilient mindset for sustainable success.

My approach is based on scientifically tested mindfulness tools and my own scientific research about work-life balance in my Ph.D. thesis.

My mission is to transform the way we approach work in order to keep motivation and energy high on the long run.


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"Christine helped me build a healthy relationship with work."

“I’m very grateful that Christine crossed my path just when I needed it the most. On the brink of a nasty burnout, I decided to stop working and rest – which can be more challenging than it seems!

I can safely say that this break was greatly enhanced by Christine’s support. She gets it, and held space for all my unhealthy & conditioned ways of working and thinking with kindness, empathy and understanding.

My experience is that some coaches insist on dragging you through a pre-determined process; I found that Christine truly listened and was very flexible in adapting each session to what was most needed and helpful for me – be it the dynamics of the “helping” sector, my tendencies towards perfectionism, managing energy levels in a mindful way or setting healthy professional boundaries. There were lots of “aha!” moments for me.

I have now gently returned to work equipped with new insights and tools (incl. a mindfulness practice and personalized recoded mediation from Christine) and a more confident and calm attitude which I am certain will benefit both me and those I aim to support through my work. Recommended!”

– Isabelle –

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"I broke free from procrastination, perfectionism and comparison!"

“The mindfulness session with Christine was like a sip of fresh air. The knowledge she provided is simple, useful and liberating. 

This is something I can apply in my daily life in many areas of life to break free from procrastination, perfectionism and comparison and find my own value and center. 

I wish I would have been introduced to this knowledge in my childhood. It would have made life easier and happier. I am glad to received it now. Very grateful that our paths crossed. 

I definitely recommend taking a session with Christine. Such a wonderful experience!”

– Oxana –

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"Now I can drop out of my busy entrepreneur mind on a dime."

“Even though I have a regular meditation routine already, Christine surprised me in such a positive way with the mindfulness techniques she introduced to me.
I really felt myself dropping back into the present moment, instantly experiencing a heightened sense of presence and awareness that we usually only experience when we fall in love, are on a holiday or explore something new. Now this experience is available for me whenever I need to drop out of my busy entrepreneur-mind.
Christine’s nature, presence and tone is both calming and stimulating in itself, and her deep love for passing on these beautiful gifts shines through her teachings.
If you are looking for some practical tools to drop out of your busy mind, relax, recuperate and refocus on your business from a new perspective, I highly recommend working with Christine.”

– Melanie –

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"I gained clarity and meaningful insights how to move forward with my business."

“As a solopreneur, I sought out Christine’s support to help me get better organized in operating my business. Rather than laying on more strategies and marketing ploys, she helped me sort through my thought processes and offered helpful tips on a practical level.

But beyond that, she really helped me somatically navigate some deeper underlying belief patterns thereby getting to some of the root causes of internal obstacles that play out in my business choices. Our explorations were guided by a deeply intuitive sense of attunement that matched and validated my inner nature and way of being in the world.

What I gained was clarity and meaningful insights that better inform me as I move forward with my business and in life. I’m grateful for Christine’s support and guidance.”

- Simone -

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"I let go of the guilt around taking breaks and found a happy work-life balance."

“I was struggling with balancing my work commitments with making the most of my social life, and feeling some old childhood conditioning around being a high achiever get in the way of guilt-free enjoying life when I take a break. Christine helped me to negotiate a balance between work and social life. I felt that two conflicting voices reached a happy resolution. Now I feel a lot more relaxed around my schedule, knowing that I can work flexi time and fit in fun things during the day.

Working with Christine was a supportive and insightful experience. Christine is an expert working with the new generation of entrepreneurs and remote workers. I thoroughly recommend having a session with Christine to bring more clarity about remote working, to fully enjoy both work and life.”

- Kate -


"It worked wonders, even though we only had one hour for the workshop."

After some theoretical explanations, Christine introduced practial methods to calm down when we are stressed and tense. Switch off, feel your body, listen to yourself – that was very well received by all participants. The exercises are as easy to implement as they are effective. This leadership workshop has shown us that it is possible to find back to more mental and physical strength through specific techniques. Now it is time to integrate them into our everyday lives, and everyone is highly motivated to do so.

– Ulrike –

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