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Christine offers group workshops taylormade to your organization’s needs. From a 90-minute beginner’s introduction to mindfulness based stressmanagement at the workplace to an eight week course deep dive about Emotional Intelligence, contact Christine to plan the session or series that will provide your team with the optimal benefits. Sessions are fully remote.


What distinguishes a good manager from an excellent manager? Technical knowledge and strategy are important components for leading successfully in our dynamic and volatile working world. But the key factor that distinguishes exceptional professionals lies in their Emotional Intelligence (EI) – even and especially in uncertain or stressful times.

For me, EI means being aware of the driving (emotional and cognitive) motivators of one’s own actions at all times, being able to regulate one’s own emotions and to lead with empathy.

This ability is extremely important for managers, as the calmness and composure that the manager radiates (or not) is transferred directly to the team – this is “limbic resonance”. In other words, the state of the manager’s nervous system has a significant impact on the entire team.

Why is this relevant? In a regulated state, we have optimal access to our higher analytical thinking, our creativity and our social skills. In short, the manager’s regulated nervous system not only leads to better decisions and more empathetic communication, but also significantly promotes a positive, productive and harmonious working environment.

In the midst of a volatile and often stressful environment, how do you find the necessary calm and composure to make the all-important difference?

Many roads lead to Rome. In my work, I rely primarily on scientifically based mindfulness techniques to increase awareness of emotional and mental states, improve emotion regulation and cultivate empathy and compassion for oneself and others.

The mindfulness techniques taught are based on Shinzen Young’s “Unified Mindfulness System”, a meditation system so precise and reliable that prestigious institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Carnegie Mellon, the University of Vermont and Vanderbilt use it as the basis for their research on meditation and its effects in neuroscience, psychology, clinical trials and research on general well-being in societies.

All techniques are neither religious nor spiritual. And best of all, they can be integrated into everyday life in such a way that they can be practiced during an activity such as a walk, during sport or on the go. In this way, daily practice does not become just another to-do, but enriches everyday life with presence.


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